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Space Invader audio interview

Interview d’Invader sur le Mouv: 1ère partie - 2ème partie [fr].
A new website is announced for the next days.

Keith Haring, CT, videos & links

- The story behind Keith Haring’s Crack is Wack.
- CT interview.
- The Krah new website.
- Videos: Dreyk The Pirate & Lints In Athens + Off the Rails (film animation) (via) + video portrait of Fuzi-UV-TPK.

Above shutters in Berlin for Urban Nation.

"Fin" by Rems183/Truly Design

Photos and video of the painting of "Fin" by Rems183/Truly Design.

Free graffiti by Farewell.

Hulk by Ladamenrouge (St Etienne-France) Hulk by Ladamenrouge (St Etienne-France)

The incredible Hulk is in town ! (by Ladamenrouge)
And if you really like Hulk you can also check this amazing Hulk adbusting done in 2003 in Hamburg.

egg and nest by Steon

A couple of photos of recent STEON works [Spain].

Ilegal Squad #77 is available online. This time with Augustine Kofie interview, a large report about the festival Board Dripper which took place in Mexico, and much more. [spa+eng]

Locked up in  a Paris subway wagon. An action by Farewell.


Today’s flix: Eins pieces [2011-2012]


imageA selection of more or less recent photos from KUMA.

Graffiti consists in leaving tracks behind you, street art consists in placing art in the streets.

c215 inteview [2014-eng]

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