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egg and nest by Steon

A couple of photos of recent STEON works [Spain].

Ilegal Squad #77 is available online. This time with Augustine Kofie interview, a large report about the festival Board Dripper which took place in Mexico, and much more. [spa+eng]

Locked up in  a Paris subway wagon. An action by Farewell.


Today’s flix: Eins pieces [2011-2012]


imageA selection of more or less recent photos from KUMA.

Graffiti consists in leaving tracks behind you, street art consists in placing art in the streets.

c215 inteview [2014-eng]

En vérité, j’aime écrire sur les murs des galeries. Cela me venge, car ils ne peuvent vendre cette écriture et seront obligés de tout repeindre.

Les murs-graffiti - Ben [1983]

ZIME in London city

Three new pieces from ZIME/SOL crew in London city.

a few links


- Very good text from C215 in Rue89 (unfortunately in french) about professional muralism and why it is killing real street-art & graffiti.
EDIT 20th Nov: The article has been translated to english.
- New issue of pdf magazine: Robopimp3. Special issue about Hungarian subculture mostly on streets and tracksides.
- Jens Besser about Street Art Karrieren book by Heike Derwanz.

Ilegal Squad issue 76

Illegal Squad is a Mexican graffiti magazine. They are launching their online magazine. You can already check their 1st digital issue [eng+spa]. It contains interviews with Alex Fakso,Said Dokins, a graffiti/street-art retrospective of the last 10 years…

There is more life on the train’s metal than in my own life.

Vilx words [2013]

My parents don’t even realize who I am. They think I’m working in construction, as a tiler…

Space Invader interview [2013-eng]

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