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Stop to say / Start to do it" by Fra Biancoshock in Ljubljana - Slovenia.

Le bus by Paul Kirchner

Le bus by Paul Kichner.

Zoo Project R.I.P.

Sad to hear Bilal Berreni aka Zoo Project passed away. (via/via)

Batis Truck (step by step) + a few links

- Batis truck (step by step)
- The 10 most liked posts in 2013 on tumblr.
- Mark Jenkins’ Art Pushes Women Off Of Buildings. [beautiful decay]
The Vilification of Banksy’s Success. [hyperallergic]
- 3ttman painting in Atlanta. Photos by Jason Travis.
- Not new but I discovered it lately. The Man x INSA - Making of ‘Evil Friends’ GIF-ITI [video]
- and a last one a bit off topic. The Wa, his cat and Brad Downey did this video, and now it’s used in a Coca Cola Commercial !

I deceive you. Love, Santa.

Billboard alongside the motorway heading into Bristol.

Here is a selection of hot pieces from RTUE from Sevastopol in Ukraine, and also a few old one.
I often receive e-mails from people asking me to remove their early work from I can understand that someone can’t stand his 1st experiments anymore, but I think it’s important to show that dedication and hard work are one of the keys to success. It’s often more important than innate talent, luck, or marketing.

Black Circle Festival 2013 (1/4)

Here are the 1st photos of the 4th edition of the Black Circle Festival 2013. It took place in a village named Sheshory (Ivano-Frankivsk region). Just like the previous edition, the artists stayed a couple of days in Ukrainian countryside to paint on  abandoned buildings. They live in tents, eat together and there is no sponsorship, this is totally independent. More photos to come in the next 3 days.

Okuda - Sixe - Suso33

Okuda, Sixe Paredes & Suso33 collaboration on this huge and shiny wall in Madrid. (thx)


Daily photos: Decertor in Morocco at Festival Remp’arts + Capiflex at POLINIZA festival in Valencia + some graffiti from California.

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