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"Same Same™" - Preview of Taps & Moses book. You can also check Taps & Moses previous book.

Mike Giant in Major Lazer video (Aerosol Can ft. Pharrell Williams). It’s a bit similar to dj Mehdi/Futura2000 video.

Art Armada in Madagascar ft. Jace, Bo130 & Microbo, Aryz, Boogie, Kid, Cart1, Psyckoze and Seth.

Sensitive portraits done by Estelle Beauvais of Alexone, Miss Tic, C215 part 1 & part 2, Philippe Beaudelocque & Fkdl.[french + English subtitles]

Locked up in  a Paris subway wagon. An action by Farewell.

Teck and York stop-motion video named Alfa-Omega.

Monsieur Poulet pasting in Bordeaux.

Henry Chalfant, Nana Mouskouri, Lush & Monsieur Poulet

- New pasting in Bordeaux by Monsieur Poulet. [pix+vid]
- “An aversion to being boring" - Lush profile at Acclaim mag.
- RAP [uv-tpk] interview about Paris RER C line. [vid]
- Grand Concourse : Veli & Amos + Henry Chalfant new song. [vid]

Ella & Pitr video: “Au jour le jour pour toujours”. Don’t miss the spectacular final sequence with the drone.

+ bonus video Erosie: Draw a line.

Acqua farina e pomodoro" ("Water, Flour & Tomato") by GEC & BR1 in Torino.
A fast action in which the two artists, disguised as advertising company employees, simulate to clean the glass of a big light billboard, but they make it dirty with a mixture of water, flour and tomato.
The aim is to obscure the commercial advertising. In this way, the billboard looks opaque and lose his function.

On October 13, Banksy attempted to sell $60 canvases (worth tens-of-thousands of dollars each) to unsuspecting New Yorkers. In seven hours, he had just three customers. A week later “Fake Banksy” appeared in the same spot, selling “fake” canvases for the same price. This is what happened. (via)

Sheone & Ripo in an abandoned factory near Barcelona. A short movie by Pablo Aravena.

Earsnot/Irak interview [fr+eng] (via)

New Veli & Amos video: “Me and Myself”

Lek, Sowat & L’Outsider in Nantes for “Histoire d’un Mur”.
Video: Charlie Mars

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