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Come on… Just one puff [Mygalo2000]

Today’s photos: Mygalo 2000 truck + geometric works from Seikon & OX + Dr Colors + clean logos from Wons.

Batis Truck (step by step) + a few links

- Batis truck (step by step)
- The 10 most liked posts in 2013 on tumblr.
- Mark Jenkins’ Art Pushes Women Off Of Buildings. [beautiful decay]
The Vilification of Banksy’s Success. [hyperallergic]
- 3ttman painting in Atlanta. Photos by Jason Travis.
- Not new but I discovered it lately. The Man x INSA - Making of ‘Evil Friends’ GIF-ITI [video]
- and a last one a bit off topic. The Wa, his cat and Brad Downey did this video, and now it’s used in a Coca Cola Commercial !

"WE TRUST" by Rub Kandy [Photo: Agnes Fecher] - Brooklyn, NYC (Red Hook, Smith 9 Sts)

Zap - Paris

Daily photos: Zap from Australia in Paris + a fex bonus photos: Vunik from Belgrade, Kuma & Banksy in NYC.

Kef - truck - Camden town

Kef truck in Camden town + Satan’s logos + Koate + Achilles + Bilos…

Grems - cat on a truck

3 new fresh pieces from GREMS + 2 from KUMA + Gola in Cavezzo, one of the town hit by the earthquake of 2012.

Rub Kandy Rub Kandy Rub Kandy Rub Kandy Rub Kandy Rub Kandy Rub Kandy

Revolver, by Rub Kandy - [Rome-Italy]


graffiti truckOk the nature-break is over, let’s go back to graffiti business.

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