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Nature creature by ZonenKinder

Nature Creature by ZonenKinder + Optic art by Madeinpain + Marcus Aurelius + e1000ink & Pablo S Herrero + Dima at Traffic Design festival.

Female trees by Ladamenrouge.

New Christmas tree made by 0331C & friends in Moscow with a fire-extinguisher. (more from 0331C)

E1000ink - Madrid

E1000ink in Madrid + Repaze in French countryside.

Pablo S Herrero - Salamanca

2 new beautiful pieces from Pablo-S-Herrero in Salamanca (I have great sympathy for perfect circles) + Zap from Australia in Berlin + Ludvig + Wood in Uttrecht and CT in the peaceful city of Marseille.

Plablo S Herrero - Salamanca

Pablo S Herrero in Salamanca + David de la Mano in Uruguay + abstract experiments from Ludvig.


Pantonio in Paris & Lisboa + Ladamenrouge + Ibie.

Mentalgasi in Switzerland Mentalgasi in Switzerland Mentalgasi in Euskadi/Spain

Mentalgasi: Tree-faces at Images Festival Vevey/Swiss + Radio Control in Getxo/Spain.


New Zonenkinder trees + A1one in Germany  + Uno + Awer + Deih and his Insider series.

Graffiti Christmas tree

Graffiti Christmas tree
It was -25°c in Moscow recently, but it’s not enough to stop 0331c and his friends. Here is their Graffiti Christmas tree, it’s decorated by the best graffiti bombers of Moscow! Check the process video and the photos.

Cambodian Trees by Clement Briend

It’s a beautiful surprise when the projected spirits awaken and reveal themselves at night as though they are made of the towering trees themselves. The photographic light installations echo the spirituality of the few sprouts of nature in the predominantly urban landscapes. It is a visual imagining of the divine figures that inhabit the world, as seen through an environmentally aware spiritual eye.

Tree art

Here are 4 new photos of the Tree project from ZonenKinder in Hamburg.
Zonenkinder: “the Tree Project is an ongoing project since 2006 - inspired by the beauty and the decay of nature. By painting eyes, faces and grimaces on the trees, by ornamenting and dressing them we emphasize our close and unique connection with nature. At the same time we reflect that trees are exceptional and beautiful living individuals.
We slightly changed our approach by using only eco-friendly colors and brushes to paint also on living trees with a better conscience and conquer the inner city spaces as well.”

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