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DJ Pone - Dipodaine feat Didaï  Single extracted from “Erratic Impulse” album by Dj Pone. Train painted using various techniques by The Grifters & Cokney.

The Gummy Gue

New Italian trains from the Gummy Gue.

ERO [train - Italy] ERO [train - Italy] ERO [train - Italy] ERO [train - Italy] ERO [train - Italy]

A selection of 23 photos of rough and abstract wagons by ERO from Italy.

IMA from St Petersburg

A few photos from IMA from St Petersburg, Russia.

Captain Chicken - Smole

A selection of recent and older pieces from SMOLE-TF1.

Satan freight wagon

Today’s flix: SATAN freight in the Netherlands + the traditional end of the year piece from CT + collaboration by Perongeluk & Graphic Surgery + collaboration by Nelio & Poeta + collaboration by Skount & Laguna in Tokyo.

Bild trains

A selection of panels from BILD/Wien/Austria.

The gummy gue - night train

Daily photos: With a few new prods from Guè + 108 + Giorgio Bartocci + El Euro + SpY + G.Loois + Pez + Graphic Surgery.

Oh, and the Photo search function is back on the white column on the left. You can now type several words at the same time. I think it works pretty well. You can do search like ‘sexual train’, ‘snow poland' or 'drips bordeaux’.

Aris freight graffiti Aris freight graffiti Aris freight graffiti Aris freight graffiti

Interview: Aris "the freight gentleman" interviewed by Jens Besser.

In last years the “changing of trains into other types of trains” seems to be nice hobby of train painters. Writers change new NY Metros into old or the corporate identity of a new train company into the old company. The example above is another one. This time a freight train was painted like a passenger metro from New York. I wonder what will be the next …
all photos by : dexone – via RailsPassion - Posted by Shlomo

Ciao - train graffiti ciao - train graffiti ciao - train graffiti prg - train graffiti sdk crew - train graffiti

Here is a selection of very good italian panels from MetroCheck a great flickr page runned by MisterPuccio  & L.

For a decade I was known as the most prolific train-writer in the country, using the tag NOIR. British transport police had a chart of the most-wanted graffiti artists, and I was No 1.

My secret life as a graffiti artist - Extremely good article about Noir in the Guardian. [via]

Taps & Moses are now on tumblr.

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