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Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico) + Stinkfish (Colombia) were at  Rio Loco Music Festival in Toulouse. They painted on 5x3m photos that Stinkfish took last year in the Colombian island of Providence in the Caribean sea.

Photos of Mister Freeze – Nite & Day in Toulouse on Zooloose ft. Miss Van, Tilt, ++>, Pro176, Gris1…

Sugar - Toulouse

Good selection from Toulouse on Zooloose.

Snake Toulouse

Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake ! (2 big walls in Toulouse)

Zooloose is 2 years old

Miss Van Sike 313
Zooloose, the blog from Toulouse hosted on ekosystem is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with a few photos from year 2K.

L’Atlas helped by secondary school-boys & girls in Place du Capitole [Toulouse’s main square]

Toulouse 1993-1995. From my own collection of photos ft. Brone, Soune, 2pon, Tilt, CeeT, Sike…

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