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New billboards from OX + Nelio in Valencia for Poliniza festival + FreshMax from Wien + new experiments from Seikon.


Doodles in Atlanta, Oakland, Mexico…

URBAN ARTefakte Photographie (3x3x3 Part 1)

interviewed 3 Urban Art-photographers from Hamburg. They asked them 3 questions and to select 3 of their favourite shots.
1st one is URBAN ARTefakte Photographie.

Decertor- Bolivia

Photos from II Bienal de Arte Urbano : BAU in Cochabamba in Bolivia ft. Decertor, Erica Il Cane, Bastardilla, Inti…

Pavel183 from Moscow [1983-2013] R.I.P.

April’s fool

Poisson d’Avril by Ladamenrouge + The Toaster in Thailand + Krik in snowy Poland…

Ludo by Vitostreet

Sunday morning with Ludo. Whole photo set on Vitostreet blog.

MP5 - Sevilla

MP5 in Sevilla + Graphic Surgery + Erosie + Nelio + Skount…

Trailer of BCN Rise&Fall documentary ft. Zosen, Aryz & Dixon. It tells how Barcelona became one of the capitals of the street art and fell into what we have now, a zero tolerance policy.

Fra Biancoshock

Fra Biancoshock + Bilos + Goddog + Michael Beerens + Henes + Lelo in Rio de Janeiro.


Gaucholadri from Argentina + Mr Big Dick + Krsn…


Femoesa in Rotterdam & The Hague + Glub + Dem189…

Winter 2013 Photo selection

Winter 2013 photo selection. Little Red Riding Hood by Sqon.

Boris Hoppek & Nuria Mora in Madrid + Boamistura + Bemie + Alexone + Trbdsgn + OX + Alberonero…

Mentalgasi in Switzerland Mentalgasi in Switzerland Mentalgasi in Euskadi/Spain

Mentalgasi: Tree-faces at Images Festival Vevey/Swiss + Radio Control in Getxo/Spain.

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