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Pallo from Finland

11 new pieces from Pallo [Finland].

Sensitive portraits done by Estelle Beauvais of Alexone, Miss Tic, C215 part 1 & part 2, Philippe Beaudelocque & Fkdl.[french + English subtitles]

Exquisite Spray” at Loppis Gallery in Parma by Rems182 from the Truly Design crew.

Masz - Poland

Masz in Krakow/Poland + Xeme in Seoul + Gec in Torino…

Pallo - Finland

We knew the monsters from Pallo, he now also paints beautiful portraits & characters + Above (“Use your imagination”) in Spanish Basque Country + Eins.


3 face from GeometricBang + Freight Wagons from TSE47 in Moscow + Anton Eager.


Next day updates will probably be about Bordeaux graffiti scene. Here are the 1st photos with a few portraits by Alber.

Masz in the snow

Masz portraits in snowy Poland.

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