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Opiemme at Monumental Art Festival in Gdansk/Poland.

Zosen, Gualicho & Opiemme at Monumental Art Festival in Gdansk/Poland.

Monochrome / Light and shadow“ by Elian in Gdynia, Poland, for Traffic Design Festival. Photos by Alka Murat.

A mural called “Laziness” (first work from "The Seven Deadly Sins" serie) by Sergiy Radkevich aka Teck at Katowice Street art festival 2014.
[Photos: Adam Mikosh]

ACCENTS - Minimalistic interventions by Autone1, located mostly in abandoned spaces. The aim is to strengthen and mark up the existing composition of the wall/building/area, to show its original beauty. A simple rectangle makes the whole wall an art piece.

Dancing BadBoys - Krik - Billboard

Today’s photos: Krik billboard in Poland + Late + Henes + Goddog + ES-Tkac…

Goro - Poland

Here are last few month Goro [Poland] pieces.


The daily contributors to the global warning are Raspazjan + Skount (in Greece) + Kenzo (in Portugal).

108 - Poznan

Daily photos: 108 in Poznan + Alexey Luka + Jens Besser + Raysyn…


NeSpoon from Poland + Zosen in Osaka/Japan + GoddoG + Look/PeachBeach.

Zbiok 2007-2009

Retrospective selection of ZBIOK work [2007-2009].

Krik - Poland

Photos from Krik, Seikon, Jacyndol, Gregor Gonsior in various places in Poland.

Roberto Ciredz at Katowice Street Art Festival 2013.

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