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Goro - Poland

Here are last few month Goro [Poland] pieces.


The daily contributors to the global warning are Raspazjan + Skount (in Greece) + Kenzo (in Portugal).

108 - Poznan

Daily photos: 108 in Poznan + Alexey Luka + Jens Besser + Raysyn…


NeSpoon from Poland + Zosen in Osaka/Japan + GoddoG + Look/PeachBeach.

Zbiok 2007-2009

Retrospective selection of ZBIOK work [2007-2009].

Krik - Poland

Photos from Krik, Seikon, Jacyndol, Gregor Gonsior in various places in Poland.

Roberto Ciredz at Katowice Street Art Festival 2013.

Peter Fuss - Poland

Peter Fuss at Katowice Street Art Festival 2013 + Teck/tni + Kenzo + Awer…

Last 2 years the Urban Forms gallery invited artists like Aryz, Os Gemeos, Kenor, M-City, Shida, Satone, Otecki or Krik to paint 20 murals in the streets of Lodz/Poland.
All the photos + more informations about this event


Drobczyk from Katowice-Poland.


Perfect circle by Seikon in Poland + Jacyndol + Fintan Magee + Ser & Simoni from Athens.

Masz in the snow

Masz portraits in snowy Poland.

AUDIOMURALS: Listen to the voice of Elblag’s Old Town

The Audiomurale project is set on the wall of a townhouse at Rzeznicka Street in the Old Town district of Elblag (Poland). Extensively damaged at the end of World War II, Elblag’s Old Town waited until the 1980’s for major reconstruction works.
One of the biggest problems of Elbląg’s Old Town district is emptiness, manifested both in the still underdeveloped blocks and in the lack of visible activity of citizens. Despite the sustained efforts of municipal authorities, it is still generally perceived as the city’s “dormitory district”, and as such – it requires reinvigoration.

For the purposes of the project, we conducted interviews with passers-by, people working or living in the Old Town. Many respondents were happy to express their views on the advantages and disadvantages of living in Elbląg.

Selected opinions – including some unprintable remarks – were transferred onto a blank wall of a townhouse in the form of spectrograms (i.e. sound wave patterns).

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