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Come on… Just one puff [Mygalo2000]

Today’s photos: Mygalo 2000 truck + geometric works from Seikon & OX + Dr Colors + clean logos from Wons.

Locked up in  a Paris subway wagon. An action by Farewell.

The OnOff crew (Olson, Limo, Resphe, Neoar, Arno & Jok) presents the OnOff Factory, an exhibition in Smaaks (Paris 12).

"Why is it so hard to find a job ?" by Slinkachu in Paris.

Zap - Paris

Daily photos: Zap from Australia in Paris + a fex bonus photos: Vunik from Belgrade, Kuma & Banksy in NYC.

Clet Abraham

- More photos from Paris ft. Clet Abraham, Boris, Horfe, Inti, mosa
- Revue de Presse: Paul Bloas dans Télérama

Space Invader - Modern Trinity

Photo selection from last days in Paris ft. Space Invader, Gues, Ring, Horfe, Krsn, Mygalo, Mr Chat, Elöbo… Special Thanks to Vitostreet.

Seize - Le MUR - Paris

SEIZE at le MUR in Paris + huge collaboration in Barcelona by Knore & Göla + Claudio Ethos.


New billboards from OX + Nelio in Valencia for Poliniza festival + FreshMax from Wien + new experiments from Seikon.

TAGTICAL MEDIA 2 : “Paris sous mes bombes”


LE MUR seems to be very upset with MTO experiment. Whereas people invited to Le Mur try to make a good looking wall. MTO asked a black wall, and a QR code brought by a tramp at the opening invited people to write on it for the next 2 weeks. MTO abandoned the billboard to the people and has written words & tags in the streets around.

The whole explanations with e-mails between MTO & Le MUR here (in French).
The saddest part is that 2 days later, Le Mur ordered this painting…

Nelio Kenor kenor Pener
Nawer nelio kenor pez gilbert1 SatOne, Nawer, Poesia, Vlvt, Pener

Graffuturism Paris: the walls ft. Kenor, Nelio, Pez, SatOne, Nawer, Poesia, Vlvt, Pener
Credit Photos: Galerie Openspace


Opening photos of Graffuturism at Galerie OpenSpace in Paris ft. Erosie, Graphic Surgery, Nelio, Pener, Poesia, Tanc

BomK: Vertiges & Somnolence

Photos of BomK's exhibition: Vertiges & Somnolence by Vitostreet at Galerie Itinerrance.

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