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Olson - onoff - fr75

Lovely new pieces by OLSON [onoff crew-fr75] from Paris.

Street art meets photojournalism in Dysturb collective, Pierre Terdjman and Benjamin Girette’s bid to bring images that often go unseen in the mainstream media to the streets of Paris.

Pierre Terdjman shares many of his colleagues’ frustrations. “Each time I finish a story, it’s the same struggle to get my images published, ” he told TIME, “magazines are rarely interested in showing what’s happening in Egypt, in Georgia, in Afghanistan. Sometimes they’ll publish one or two images, but that’s it. So, everything started from a very selfish idea. I wanted to show my photographs. I wanted to inform people, show them what I’d seen.” Dysturb’s founders are focussed on expanding their operations to other cities in France and Europe. [source]

Come on… Just one puff [Mygalo2000]

Today’s photos: Mygalo 2000 truck + geometric works from Seikon & OX + Dr Colors + clean logos from Wons.

Locked up in  a Paris subway wagon. An action by Farewell.

The OnOff crew (Olson, Limo, Resphe, Neoar, Arno & Jok) presents the OnOff Factory, an exhibition in Smaaks (Paris 12).

"Why is it so hard to find a job ?" by Slinkachu in Paris.

Zap - Paris

Daily photos: Zap from Australia in Paris + a fex bonus photos: Vunik from Belgrade, Kuma & Banksy in NYC.

Clet Abraham

- More photos from Paris ft. Clet Abraham, Boris, Horfe, Inti, mosa
- Revue de Presse: Paul Bloas dans Télérama

Space Invader - Modern Trinity

Photo selection from last days in Paris ft. Space Invader, Gues, Ring, Horfe, Krsn, Mygalo, Mr Chat, Elöbo… Special Thanks to Vitostreet.

Seize - Le MUR - Paris

SEIZE at le MUR in Paris + huge collaboration in Barcelona by Knore & Göla + Claudio Ethos.


New billboards from OX + Nelio in Valencia for Poliniza festival + FreshMax from Wien + new experiments from Seikon.

TAGTICAL MEDIA 2 : “Paris sous mes bombes”


LE MUR seems to be very upset with MTO experiment. Whereas people invited to Le Mur try to make a good looking wall. MTO asked a black wall, and a QR code brought by a tramp at the opening invited people to write on it for the next 2 weeks. MTO abandoned the billboard to the people and has written words & tags in the streets around.

The whole explanations with e-mails between MTO & Le MUR here (in French).
The saddest part is that 2 days later, Le Mur ordered this painting…

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