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Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014

Perfect colors, shapes  and composition. Momo hypnotic walls in Bien urbain festival are just perfect to me. I could dive in it and drowned myself.
[Photos: Laure Saint Hillier & David Demougeot]

Monochrome / Light and shadow“ by Elian in Gdynia, Poland, for Traffic Design Festival. Photos by Alka Murat.

JAZ - Bien Urbain 2014 JAZ - Bien Urbain 2014 - Action JAZ - Bien Urbain 2014 - Process JAZ - Bien Urbain 2014 JAZ - Bien Urbain 2014 mural JAZ - Bien Urbain 2014 - process JAZ - Bien Urbain 2014 - process

JAZ from Argentina presents “The Weight Of The History” at Bien Urbain in Bezançon.


Zosen & Mina Hamada at Bien Urbain 2014 in Besançon.

Pastel mural - Bien Urbain 2014 Pastel in action Pastel in action Pastel detail - Bien Urbain Festival

Pastel wall is based on a Victor Hugo poem: “les feuilles d’automne" [1831]. Victor Hugo was born in Besançon where takes place Bien Urbain festival. But he quickly moved to Paris. For Pastel it is an opportunity to talk about the gentrification and social movements, as leafs in autumn.

A mural called “Laziness” (first work from "The Seven Deadly Sins" serie) by Sergiy Radkevich aka Teck at Katowice Street art festival 2014.
[Photos: Adam Mikosh]

The three artists of “ein WANDBLLATT aus Wien”: Fresh Max, Mafia & Knarf spent the last three months working on a 3500 square meter wall complex near Wien including an indoor skatepark. You can also check the video.

Pez - Amor por Colombia

Today’s photos: Pez in Cali/Colombia + 2 big walls from Rowdy & Sweettoof + Kenzo & Suiko1 in Hiroshima/Japan + 3 pieces by Raek.


Bombastic titles for awesome pieces, here are the latest walls from EVER in  Chicago, Arizona, Virginia, Buenos Aires… (+ a few extra photos from Roa in Buenos Aires)

"The Key" by Dmitri Aske aka sicksystem in the centre of Moscow for LGZ Moscow Street Art Festival.
The 11 x 18m mural shows a girl standing in the stagnant waters of
everyday mundane life who has nevertheless found a way out to a better life and her better self. The flowers represent temptations, while the key symbolises the solution.

Roa - Panama

A Toucan, a Green Iguana and a Silky Anteater in Panama City by Roa + new wall from Alberonero.

Elian at Living walls in Atlanta.

Back from holidays !

I’ve been away from keyboards for 2 weeks, and the last days have been spent on working on an enhanced code for the photo gallery of the site. Last updates were actually scheduled 3 weeks ago.
The new photo gallery is still very beta, but it works. It is much faster, you can order the photos chronologically or based on ratings, and the search function is much more efficient you can type several words for example. But there are still a lot to do (comments and ratings are not back, a lot design details must be fixed…)
Anyway here are the 1st photos with the new system: Beautiful murals from Phlegm in Croatia, Ibiza & Warsaw + a piece on the theatre stage of an abandoned theatre in Sheffield.

Ghetto Blaster: A collaborative project between Wozdat & Yote pression in Annemasse [fr]. Photos : DBartphoto

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