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"The Riders" by Dmitri Aske is a 11x34m mural painted for Artmossphere Street Art Biennale in Moscow. It took Aske 11 days to paint.
Photo credits: Igor 1337x.

adno Agostino Iacurci ekta Martha Cooper Nelio Nicolas Barrome Okuda Martha Cooper Dikson Zedz

"Artmossphere" is the 1st Biennale of Street-art in Moscow. (from September 6th to 12th of October) A huge show with twenty foreign and over thirty-five Russian graffiti writers and artists. To name a few one: Martha Cooper, Erosie, Nelio, El Tono, Ekta, Okuda, 108, Zedz, Petro, Moneyless, 1010, Nootk…  The exhibition includes a variety of installations, sculptures, works on canvas, paper, plywood and even ceramics and carpets.
There are tons of photos on website.

Dmitri Aske The Long Tomorrow Dmitri Aske Dmitri Aske Alexey Luka Alexey Luka The Long Tomorrow Martha Cooper at the opening The Long Tomorrow The Long Tomorrow

Dmitri Aske and Alexey Luka had a two-man show in September called ‘The Long Tomorrow’. It was a part of the Artmosphere Moscow Street Art Biennale. They showcased their latest artworks made of plywood and new canvases.

RUFO: Rudimentary Unidentified Frictional Object by El Tono in Moscow.
I’m always impressed and pleasantly surprised by the always original and new ways El Tono founds to mix street & gallery works.

TSE47 - Summer 2013 Winter 2014 - Moscow TSE47 - Summer 2013 Winter 2014 - Moscow TSE47 - Summer 2013 Winter 2014 - Moscow TSE47 - Summer 2013 Winter 2014 - Moscow TSE47 - Summer 2013 Winter 2014 - Moscow TSE47 - Summer 2013 Winter 2014 - Moscow

Last summer, TSE47 sent us green faces he painted in an abandoned military base in Moscow. Yesterday he sent us the photos again; the faces are still there but as you can see the climate is really not the same.

New Christmas tree made by 0331C & friends in Moscow with a fire-extinguisher. (more from 0331C)

"The Key" by Dmitri Aske aka sicksystem in the centre of Moscow for LGZ Moscow Street Art Festival.
The 11 x 18m mural shows a girl standing in the stagnant waters of
everyday mundane life who has nevertheless found a way out to a better life and her better self. The flowers represent temptations, while the key symbolises the solution.

TSE47 - Moscow

Green pieces from TSE47 on abandoned structures of an old military base in the countryside near Moscow. In winter the forest will turn white with the snow. I count on TSE47 to send us photos of the same places with snow.

Brad Downey ran a workshop and did a lecture in Moscow. Check the photos & report at

Russian fences by 0331c

Ferroconcrete fences are typically built around plants, buildings, warehouses, car fleets and other territories where people aren’t allowed to go. These fences possess an extreme hardness, and in combination with barbed wire becomes an impassable obstacle for trespassers.
These fences are really a symbol of Russia and USSR.

0331c has created 133 porcelain figures. Each figure is 130x130mm in size;
These figures house not only the pieces of contemporary artists, graffiti painters and ordinary people who use the fence as a means of expression of their thoughts, but also the struggle of the government against this kind of thoughts expression.

and finally here are some photos of the exhibition in Moscow.

Natalya Serkova - Alexey Luka Alexey_Luka Alexey_Luka Alexey_Luka Alexey_Luka Alexey_Luka Alexey_Luka

Alexey Luka at Proekt Fabrika in Moscow with Natalya Serkova.

Graffiti Christmas tree

Graffiti Christmas tree
It was -25°c in Moscow recently, but it’s not enough to stop 0331c and his friends. Here is their Graffiti Christmas tree, it’s decorated by the best graffiti bombers of Moscow! Check the process video and the photos.

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