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Glub Blackbook 2014

GLUB from Madrid spent the whole month of February 2014 drawing non-stop. You can now download his sketch book [pdf] and see some of the actual pieces here.

SpY - 0 Facebook likes

New SpY intervention in Madrid with the collaboration of a homeless person. After spending several hours with the sign, there was a significant increase in public attention and donations. More explanations here.

Madrid Straße" by Dosjotas.
"When one country intervenes to another, the first step is to impose their social policy and economic to later impose their culture, customs and language.
The intervention consisted of the translation and change the Madrid´s streets to the language of European economic power, the German.”

Okuda - Sixe - Suso33

Okuda, Sixe Paredes & Suso33 collaboration on this huge and shiny wall in Madrid. (thx)


Dailyflix: e1000ink, Pablito Zago, Puré, Wayne Horse, Jens Besser…

Boris Hoppek & Nuria Mora in Madrid + Boamistura + Bemie + Alexone + Trbdsgn + OX + Alberonero…

Madrid update with a photo selection by Alberto de Pedro featuring Nuria, E1000, 3TTman, Neko, Sue & Besdo Garsia.

BLU pickpockets - Step by Step with BLU in Madrid.
Photos by Alberto de Pedro.

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