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BrokenFingaz billboard

Brokenfingaz in East London + Dais + SaTaN + Dikson + Mart1.

ZIME in London city

Three new pieces from ZIME/SOL crew in London city.

Great video editing by Cedar Lewisohn of Graphic Surgery mural on London’s canals. This project has been quite controversial; you can read the article on the Guardian.

Contrary to RJ Rushmore from the excellent Vandalog I rarely post about street-art controversies and I’m not really interested in making big statements about what  graffiti or street-art should be. Everybody has his own definition of what graffiti is supposed to be. You still have the one who thinks real graffiti is on train, the one who thinks that it’s stupid to paint letters in 2013 because it has been done for too long etc.
To talk about what happened in London, and to make it short, I think it’s sad that Sweet toof and co haven’t been invited to paint a wall along with international guests. What I think about commissioned work is not important.

Grems - London

Grems in London south bank center + Marto in Burkina Faso + Derik & the skinkackin’ crew + DingoPerroMudo from Madrid.

Nelio artwork for Wahaca, a Mexican restaurant in London

Run in Hackney - London

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