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Le bus by Paul Kirchner

Le bus by Paul Kichner.

Elfo - Tuscany

Daily photos: Abandoned Glory Hole and other rough experiments from Elfo in Tuscany + poetic freight wagons from Aris.

New Veli & Amos video: “Me and Myself”

Veli & Amos

Red & Yellow + Fire Work by Veli & Amos.
You can also check this one we posted 3 months ago.

- You’re no graffiti writers, are you ?
-  No, we are streetdarts players.

The Harlem shake - Paris metro.

Tagtical media by MTO [Berlin 2011] [source]

Graffiti in Springfield. [via]

The real definition of the art of GRAFFITI BOMBING by Veli & Amos.

Most overdone 2012 by Lust Graffiti Celebrity by Lush

"Most overdone of 2012" & "Graffiti celebrity" by Lush. More on his page.

If you think the train-writer videos are all the same. You really must check this one…

by Huskmitnavm (via/via/via)

My first, my summer and my last canvas" by Fra Biancoshock.

Hidden camera prank: Street bombing in broad daylight with air duster aerosol.

OS GEMEOS on telenovela

It’s here to watch the extract of Cheias de Charme. (via)

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