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Video selection:
- Inside my backpack. A short animated film by 0331c & Stas Dobry. [Rus+Eng]
- Red Vaporz, a documentary about Russian street-art & graffiti scenes [Rus+fr]
- Organic vs.Mineral a stop motion film with Grems & LX one in Biarritz.
- DipytQ a Stop motion film with Jace in Paris.
- Voyage dans un train d’enfer about 4th collective and european hoboes. [fr+ger]

Pink Panther - Spray - Berlin

A selection of the latest pieces from SPRAY in Paris & Berlin.

Letter Transformation: from Dais to Pheo [gif]

Letter Transformation by Dais & Pheo in Denmark.

Fredone Fone from Brazil [link fixed]

A selection of photos from Fredone Fone - Brazil. [edit: link fixed]
Good story-telling in his biography about his 1st steps in the street game: “Fredone Fone had the first lessons about the city with his father: helping him in his work as a bricklayer for about a decade, he learned the intimacy of the walls that forms the urban anatomy.”

The Gummy Gue

New Italian trains from the Gummy Gue.

Mighty Bers - South-West England

A selection of pieces by mighty Bers from South-West England.

wais freight detroit wais mural moscow wais mural moscow wais1 - hongkong wais1 wais freight detroit

WAIS from Saint-Petersburg, who is as comfortable on walls, freight wagons or large murals.

A selection of pieces by Spogo from Barcelona.

Come on… Just one puff [Mygalo2000]

Today’s photos: Mygalo 2000 truck + geometric works from Seikon & OX + Dr Colors + clean logos from Wons.

ERO [train - Italy] ERO [train - Italy] ERO [train - Italy] ERO [train - Italy] ERO [train - Italy]

A selection of 23 photos of rough and abstract wagons by ERO from Italy.

Teophilus Tuhatkauno

4 pieces by Teophilus Tuhatkauno from Finland.

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