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JOLEK boat trip, with a tiger, a lightsaber…

New adventures from Jolek: a boat trip, with a real tiger, a lightsaber…

LETME from Moscow

Recent pieces from LETME in Moscow.

minimal & geometric pieces [eko]

it’s probably a bit akward to put forward his own work, but here are some of my latest eko pieces.

BATIS - graffiti BATIS - graffiti BATIS - graffiti BATIS - graffiti

11 latest elegant productions by BATIS from Chelyabinsk-Russia.
[Big photos or thumbs]

Captain Chicken - Smole

A selection of recent and older pieces from SMOLE-TF1.

Satan freight wagon

Today’s flix: SATAN freight in the Netherlands + the traditional end of the year piece from CT + collaboration by Perongeluk & Graphic Surgery + collaboration by Nelio & Poeta + collaboration by Skount & Laguna in Tokyo.

Bild trains

A selection of panels from BILD/Wien/Austria.

Nuria Mora GIF

- Nice animated gifs of Nuria Mora.
- History is written by the winners (and english-speaking people). Viral Art an essay by RJ Rushmore about how the histories of street art and graffiti have been shaped by communication technologies, from trading photos by hand to publishing books to sharing videos online. [free pdf]
- Ambivalent feelings about these 2 new videos: Kidult: No Gallery, No Master and  Berlin Kidz - The Whole House. Fascinating and repulsive at the same time.
- Old school Paris graffiti on Les Anciens de Paris.

The gummy gue - night train

Daily photos: With a few new prods from Guè + 108 + Giorgio Bartocci + El Euro + SpY + G.Loois + Pez + Graphic Surgery.

Oh, and the Photo search function is back on the white column on the left. You can now type several words at the same time. I think it works pretty well. You can do search like ‘sexual train’, ‘snow poland' or 'drips bordeaux’.

Aris freight graffiti Aris freight graffiti Aris freight graffiti Aris freight graffiti

Interview: Aris "the freight gentleman" interviewed by Jens Besser.

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