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0331C: “Dipping into the street game of graffiti and street art I turned to the roots of this game - to the prehistoric methods of drawing. And this helped me to gain an insight into graffiti. Graffiti which were created thousands years ago are extant and full of energy and wisdom of their creators.
In my opinion the target of every graffiti artist is to leave his mark on a place. And this “barbaric” desire is essential now days.
Otherwise contemporary methods and surfaces used for graffiti prevent the immortalization of the drawings.
Graffiti, as well as the whole contemporary life, is very rapid: the drawings fade, they are painted out and buffed, the building ruins are demolished unlike stones and mountains with graffiti which root back to the prehistoric times and extant.
In the context of contemporary world it’s a common knowledge that graffiti is very ephemeral. And this opinion is quite the opposite to what prehistoric graffiti used to be.
Millimetre by millimetre the desired lines are made and sparks flying upwards awake the prehistoric wishes and desire to curve graffiti.
Graffiti is timeless.”

Delwood Blockhaus

A few more blockhaus from south-western France ft. Delwood, Goddog, Difuz…

"Hangfitti" by Bilos

Today’s photos : Hangfitti project by Bilos + Greed by Teck for his “7 Deadly Sins" project + Krik.

Olson - onoff - fr75

Lovely new pieces by OLSON [onoff crew-fr75] from Paris.

Raek - England

Latest pieces from Raek [England].

Glub Blackbook 2014

GLUB from Madrid spent the whole month of February 2014 drawing non-stop. You can now download his sketch book [pdf] and see some of the actual pieces here.


image"Hardcore" by Fra-Biancoshock. Graffiti is a culture that goes beyond everything, even a wall. No photoshop, the core is painted on a cardboard.

Coloring graffiti wall

imageFars: “Last weekend i was invited to a graffiti festival in Yambol / Bulgaria. This fest used to be on the walls of abandoned building in Yambol 3 years ago. One of the pieces , which is of a friend of mine was half buffed, that’s why i made it like a colouring book for children. I added also numbers and colour chart of the original used colours if someone wants to repair it. The original piece was by Goat.”


A few graffiti pieces from Bordeaux: Scan, Youg, Shaka, Youg, Derik

Chaos Reign" by Rems182 from Truly Design.

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