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Delwood Blockhaus

A few more blockhaus from south-western France ft. Delwood, Goddog, Difuz…

"Hangfitti" by Bilos

Today’s photos : Hangfitti project by Bilos + Greed by Teck for his “7 Deadly Sins" project + Krik.

Olson - onoff - fr75

Lovely new pieces by OLSON [onoff crew-fr75] from Paris.

Raek - England

Latest pieces from Raek [England].

Glub Blackbook 2014

GLUB from Madrid spent the whole month of February 2014 drawing non-stop. You can now download his sketch book [pdf] and see some of the actual pieces here.


image"Hardcore" by Fra-Biancoshock. Graffiti is a culture that goes beyond everything, even a wall. No photoshop, the core is painted on a cardboard.

Coloring graffiti wall

imageFars: “Last weekend i was invited to a graffiti festival in Yambol / Bulgaria. This fest used to be on the walls of abandoned building in Yambol 3 years ago. One of the pieces , which is of a friend of mine was half buffed, that’s why i made it like a colouring book for children. I added also numbers and colour chart of the original used colours if someone wants to repair it. The original piece was by Goat.”


A few graffiti pieces from Bordeaux: Scan, Youg, Shaka, Youg, Derik

Chaos Reign" by Rems182 from Truly Design.

Free graffiti by Farewell.

Video selection:
- Inside my backpack. A short animated film by 0331c & Stas Dobry. [Rus+Eng]
- Red Vaporz, a documentary about Russian street-art & graffiti scenes [Rus+fr]
- Organic vs.Mineral a stop motion film with Grems & LX one in Biarritz.
- DipytQ a Stop motion film with Jace in Paris.
- Voyage dans un train d’enfer about 4th collective and european hoboes. [fr+ger]

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