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aske aske mural aske

Photos & video of the The Modern Thinker by Dmitri Aske in Mannheim, Germany

Quintessenz Creation

A few photos from the 8th IBUG festival which took place in Zwickau’s “Eisenwerk”/ Germany, a rotten industrial ground.

Spray - The terminator

Saturday selection with SPRAY pieces.

Pez + Zosen in Koln



Pez & Zosen are back from Cologne  where they painted 2 huge colourful walls. The murals are part of a project carried out by the Association Color Revolution in the working class district of Ehrenfeld. The wall belongs to Ehrenfeld station and will join the tour of murals of  City Leaks Festival.
-> You can check process photos by Rodrigo Mirando.

Wayne Horse exhibition (20.04.-25.05.2013) “das Scheissleben” at Arty Farty in Cologne.

Pilot Pirx (3x3x3 part 3)

3rd part of the serie “3x3x3″ by Zonenkinder: 3 photographer from Hamburg, 3 questions, 3 favourite shots of streetart.
This time Pilot Pirx.

URBAN ARTefakte Photographie (3x3x3 Part 1)

interviewed 3 Urban Art-photographers from Hamburg. They asked them 3 questions and to select 3 of their favourite shots.
1st one is URBAN ARTefakte Photographie.

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