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Winter 2014 photo selection

The double billboard from OX in Paris is one the photo from my selection of artworks posted last 4 months on


3D & Geometry by Kidghe from Mexico.

My architecture by York

Photos from "My architecture" project by York aka Serhii Torbinov from Lutsk-Ukraine.

Teck and York stop-motion video named Alfa-Omega.

minimal & geometric pieces [eko]

it’s probably a bit akward to put forward his own work, but here are some of my latest eko pieces.

CT in Torino

4 new minimal pieces from CT in  a recent abandoned building in Torino.

EC13 - Granada

EC13 from Granada in the south of Spain has been painting since 1993. I really like his recent geometric work made with tapes.

AK - OP art

Optical art from AK + Cir-K + Ladamenrouge + Zoer + G-Loois + Buytre…

Keim - Czech Republic

Daily photos : KEIM from Czech Republic + 2 big walls from Knore with some friends.


Daily flix with Wood from Utrecht + Pomis & Kyrie + Nelio + AK + big wall from Toaster in Manchester.

Black Circle Festival (3/4)

3rd part of the photos from the Black Circle Festival 2013. Today with Teck, York, Jajo…

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