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Astek [Netherlands]

Selection of clean pieces from Astek [Netherlands].

Abstract geometry from Yourun

Yourun from Siberia + Gato wholecar in Barcelona + Gec + “Comic Sans to fight graffiti” by Fra-Biancoshock


Graphic Surgery in Besançon University for Bien Urbain 2014.

Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014

Perfect colors, shapes  and composition. Momo hypnotic walls in Bien urbain festival are just perfect to me. I could dive in it and drowned myself.
[Photos: Laure Saint Hillier & David Demougeot]

Beautiful green geometric piece from Vine by the water.

Seikon in Valencia

3 pieces of Seikon from Poland in Valencia + Grems in Annexy + Purè + and Chu mural in Cologne.

Fredone Fone from Brazil [link fixed]

A selection of photos from Fredone Fone - Brazil. [edit: link fixed]
Good story-telling in his biography about his 1st steps in the street game: “Fredone Fone had the first lessons about the city with his father: helping him in his work as a bricklayer for about a decade, he learned the intimacy of the walls that forms the urban anatomy.”

Winter 2014 photo selection

The double billboard from OX in Paris is one the photo from my selection of artworks posted last 4 months on


3D & Geometry by Kidghe from Mexico.

My architecture by York

Photos from "My architecture" project by York aka Serhii Torbinov from Lutsk-Ukraine.

Teck and York stop-motion video named Alfa-Omega.

minimal & geometric pieces [eko]

it’s probably a bit akward to put forward his own work, but here are some of my latest eko pieces.

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