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Quintessenz Creation

A few photos from the 8th IBUG festival which took place in Zwickau’s “Eisenwerk”/ Germany, a rotten industrial ground.

Roberto Ciredz at Katowice Street Art Festival 2013.

Decertor- Bolivia

Photos from II Bienal de Arte Urbano : BAU in Cochabamba in Bolivia ft. Decertor, Erica Il Cane, Bastardilla, Inti…

Outdoor Urban Art

SAM3, Momo & Borondo at Outdoor Urban Art Festival in Roma.

ARD*POP-UP Festival 2012

Spanish colours at Norwegian festival : Pez, Kenor, Chanoir & Zosen.

CHIFUMI at NH7 festival in Pune/India.

Desordes Creativas

Photo selection from Desordes Creativas festival [Galiza.Spain] ft. Nas,3TTman, Blu , Erica Il Cane, Liqen, Nano4814…

Le 4ème mur

1st photos from Le 4ème mur Festival in Niort ft. Mr Jago, Escif, 108 & Tellas.

Bien Urbain 2012

Bien Urbain 2012 in Besançon/France started yesterday. Here is one wall SAM3 has painted for the event. You can also check last year festival photos.

Galore urban art festival

Big photo report from Galore urban art festival by Lints. ft. Aryz, Above, Dems,Sozy, Nelio, Zoer, Grito, Lints

Here’s a selection of photos of the Roskilde Festival graffiti jam 2012. There are many uninteresting & boring pieces. But there are also some great things from the artist formerly known as ESPO, Rubin, Swet, Lints, Morten Hemmingsen, Jacob Dahlstrup, SSH… Don’t miss the last -sick- photo with the trash container.

Photo Report by Lints.

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