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Exquisite Spray” at Loppis Gallery in Parma by Rems182 from the Truly Design crew.

The OnOff crew (Olson, Limo, Resphe, Neoar, Arno & Jok) presents the OnOff Factory, an exhibition in Smaaks (Paris 12).

The Canadian artist “Other” is currently in Copenhagen, for his exhibition nammed "Shadow lake" at Mohs Exhibit. Photo report by Lints.

Photos of BLANCBEC exhibition called “Talkie Walkie" at Speerstra gallery [Bursins, Switzerland].

Wayne Horse exhibition (20.04.-25.05.2013) “das Scheissleben” at Arty Farty in Cologne.

Pixel Pancho in El Museo del Chopo [mexico]
Photos: Adria Robles/All City Canvas


Opening photos of Graffuturism at Galerie OpenSpace in Paris ft. Erosie, Graphic Surgery, Nelio, Pener, Poesia, Tanc

BomK: Vertiges & Somnolence

Photos of BomK's exhibition: Vertiges & Somnolence by Vitostreet at Galerie Itinerrance.

GeometricBang & GiorgioBartocci at Urban Breeze expo in Milano. Please check also the 4 walls they paint together.

Grems in Marseille at Gallerie Association d’Idées [2013]

Russian fences by 0331c

Ferroconcrete fences are typically built around plants, buildings, warehouses, car fleets and other territories where people aren’t allowed to go. These fences possess an extreme hardness, and in combination with barbed wire becomes an impassable obstacle for trespassers.
These fences are really a symbol of Russia and USSR.

0331c has created 133 porcelain figures. Each figure is 130x130mm in size;
These figures house not only the pieces of contemporary artists, graffiti painters and ordinary people who use the fence as a means of expression of their thoughts, but also the struggle of the government against this kind of thoughts expression.

and finally here are some photos of the exhibition in Moscow.

You can check more photos of Mr KERN in Sevilla at DELIMBO gallery.

Natalya Serkova - Alexey Luka Alexey_Luka Alexey_Luka Alexey_Luka Alexey_Luka Alexey_Luka Alexey_Luka

Alexey Luka at Proekt Fabrika in Moscow with Natalya Serkova.

Xulf Popay Teab Les Bras Cassés Vizion

Les Bras Cassés (It can mean: “Broken arms” but also something like "bunch of good-for-nothing") I usually don’t enjoy very much “customisation shows” but this one is pretty original and funny.


Photos report by stnk of first solo show of Minoz, a young artist from Mexico at Fifty24mx gallery.

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