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Marto in Ouagadoudou

Today’s photos: Marto in Burkina Faso + CT in abandoned places + Quik (!) and ZonenKinder in Paris + Nerone-LeCoktail + Arnarchist Elfo & Claw + Seikon.

Hungry birds by Pin. [pic+video]

Painted by Vagabundos

SAM3 at Tercer Asalto in Zaragoza [ekosystem archives 2007]

Chase 2012 [Part 1 - California]

CHASE latest work in California. More photos from Europe are coming soon…

Etienne Bardalli aka Akroe has a new website.
Here is a  project you can find on his site. It’s called “Herla King” : Mirror and colored vinyls & spray-paint on his 1984 Volkswagen Jetta.


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