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Fredone Fone from Brazil [link fixed]

A selection of photos from Fredone Fone - Brazil. [edit: link fixed]
Good story-telling in his biography about his 1st steps in the street game: “Fredone Fone had the first lessons about the city with his father: helping him in his work as a bricklayer for about a decade, he learned the intimacy of the walls that forms the urban anatomy.”

Lints from Copenhagen travelled for 2 months through Chile, Brazil & Argentina.
Lints: ” The aim was to paint as much as possible. Experience the culture which is so different from where i live and of course to seek inspiration.
While travelling we documented the whole thing and after a long time of cutting and pasting we finally have a video.
The video is not only me painting but more the travelling in it self and what we saw and experienced. There’s bits of some of the local talent and of some of the great artists that live and work in South America.”
Enjoy !

Alex Fakso in Buenos Aires [Thanks Shlomo]


Daily flix: Dementia, Medo, Zeh Palito, Erosie, Djob, Gsulf, O’clock, 0331c, Awer…


Gola in Sao Paulo

Chor Boogie recently went to brazil painting some commissions as well as collaborate with photographer Jihan Abdalla on her documentation of prostitutes in Brazil …

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