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Interzones Playground is a project that took place in Greece in 2012, under the impulse of french & greek artist/activist collectives. They painted texts and images on vacant billboards that can be found on the side of highways since the begining of the Greek economic crisis.

Fra Biancoshock oak oak the wa the wa the wa the wa

The Wa, Fra Biancoshock & Oak Oak worked on a common project named: Safari in the urban jungle.
Stencil by Oak Oak, Mario installation by Fra Biancoshock & Billboards by the Wa.


New billboards from OX + Nelio in Valencia for Poliniza festival + FreshMax from Wien + new experiments from Seikon.


New OX billboard in Villeneuve St Georges + Boris from Bulgaria + Malarky + Elfo + Seikon…

Peter Fuss

Peter Fuss
Peter Fuss new billboard (“Your god in not my god”) + Anton Eager + Tika + Slount + Trbsgn + Roa.

BR1 - Public Enemies

BR1 - Public Enemies : is about sans papier immigrant people, that arrive from africa with a lot of problems and here they find violence and marginalization.


Lazy update with BR1 in Paris & Torino + Alkor + Conie + Sheppard Fairey…

OX billboard in Villeuneuve St Georges/France.

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