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RUFO: Rudimentary Unidentified Frictional Object by El Tono in Moscow.
I’m always impressed and pleasantly surprised by the always original and new ways El Tono founds to mix street & gallery works.

Evgeny Dikson at “New City” festival in Nizhny Novgorod [russia].
And you can also watch the video.


Classy new pieces from Dikson + Kef in London + Lazor selfie on freight.

wais freight detroit wais mural moscow wais mural moscow wais1 - hongkong wais1 wais freight detroit

WAIS from Saint-Petersburg, who is as comfortable on walls, freight wagons or large murals.

Evgeny Muluk from Saratov, Russia

A selection of Evgeny Muluk works from Saratov, Russia.

IMA from St Petersburg

A few photos from IMA from St Petersburg, Russia.

BATIS - graffiti BATIS - graffiti BATIS - graffiti BATIS - graffiti

11 latest elegant productions by BATIS from Chelyabinsk-Russia.
[Big photos or thumbs]

New Christmas tree made by 0331C & friends in Moscow with a fire-extinguisher. (more from 0331C)

Elum - Sugar King - Russia

Today’s photos: Recent (and a few old) works from Elum/Russia.

"The Key" by Dmitri Aske aka sicksystem in the centre of Moscow for LGZ Moscow Street Art Festival.
The 11 x 18m mural shows a girl standing in the stagnant waters of
everyday mundane life who has nevertheless found a way out to a better life and her better self. The flowers represent temptations, while the key symbolises the solution.

TSE47 - Moscow

Green pieces from TSE47 on abandoned structures of an old military base in the countryside near Moscow. In winter the forest will turn white with the snow. I count on TSE47 to send us photos of the same places with snow.

Ox-Alien - LastPlak - ST Petersburg

LastPlak crew in St Petersburg + Seikon with friends (Greg Papagrigoriou, Don40, Grito…)

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