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11 posts tagged Berlin

Above shutters in Berlin for Urban Nation.

Pink Panther - Spray - Berlin

A selection of the latest pieces from SPRAY in Paris & Berlin.

Awer - abandoned factory in Berlin

Awer, Stinkfish & Wesr yesterday in an abandoned factory in Berlin.

DOME by Kenor & H101 Berlin 2013 [video link]

Tagtical media by MTO [Berlin 2011] [source]

Fire-extinguisher tutorial with Just from Berlin.
Video produced & copyrighted by ILovegraffiti.

NO-AD is an anti-consumerism project organised by the artist Vermibus. The goal of the project is to reduce the advertisement impacts citizens are exposed to, by removing the advertising graphic.

On the Run with Vermibus

Photo report by JUST of the artist VERMIBUS working on his Paintings/Adbustings the last couple of Days in Berlin.

El Bocho

On the Run with El Bocho. Photo report by Just.

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