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"I started in 1999, because there was no website about the graffiti I liked. It was a way to promote talented graffiti & street-artists that had not much recognition. What is shown on the site has only been called “street-art” or “post-graffiti” a few years after the ekosystem birth. My goal is still to show graffiti I like, no matter what country or how famous the artist is. I try to show what I think is original, interesting or exciting. It can be a naive character from a 13 years old kid, or a more conceptual installation from an art-student." eko

Design & news : eko
Code : v3ga + h.corona + eko

If you want to know more about ekosystem, read the full story of ekosystem (fr+eng): 10 years of ekosystem. + russian translation here. - train

Latest major updates:
September 2013 - Brand new code for the photo gallery.
July 2012 - New homepage with a grid-based template (Tumblr)
September 2011 - Disqus comments integrated to the photo gallery


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