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toaster wall england toaster wall england toaster wall england

Looong wall from Toaster in Norwich, England.

Above - WALL \ THERAPY Mural in Rochester, NY

Some of the latest paintings by Above: his mural at WALL \ THERAPY in Rochester, NY + some shutters in London. Above painted 46 shutters in 48 hours !

Le bus by Paul Kirchner

Le bus by Paul Kichner.

Zolta & 0331c in Italy.

Latest pieces from Zolta + a collaboration with 0331c from Moscow in Napoli.

Spogo & Gaucholadri in Barcelona

today’s photos: Spogo & Gaucholadri in Barcelona + Lazor freight wagon + THTO + DHM in Amsterdam.

- “Le Wrap c’etait mieux avant” from Monsieur Poulet. [fr]
- Rowdy cartoon: Get a proper job.
- Mygalo2000 & Kashink sur Le mouv [fr-audio]

Delwood Blockhaus

A few more blockhaus from south-western France ft. Delwood, Goddog, Difuz…

obey by Vlady. 15 words repeated, inspired by J. Carpenter’s movie “They live" (1988). Movie which also inspired Shepard Fairrey. It’s located in Favara [Italy] at Farm Cultural Park.

Evgeny Dikson at “New City” festival in Nizhny Novgorod [russia].
And you can also watch the video.

"Hangfitti" by Bilos

Today’s photos : Hangfitti project by Bilos + Greed by Teck for his “7 Deadly Sins" project + Krik.

Bastardilla - VillaOcupada - Nantes - France 2014 Ever - VillaOcupada - Nantes - France 2014 Ever - VillaOcupada - Nantes - France 2014 3ttman - VillaOcupada - Nantes - France 2014 Derlon - VillaOcupada - Nantes - France 2014 Jiem - VillaOcupada - Nantes - France 2014 Seimiek - VillaOcupada - Nantes - France 2014 Popay - VillaOcupada - Nantes - France 2014

The “Villa Occupada" in Nantes has been painted by Bastardilla, Ever, 3ttman, Jiem, Popay… 50.000 people visited it the last 3 months. It is now closed but you still can virtually visit it thanks to Google street view !
Photos by Guillaume David.

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