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Coloring graffiti wall

imageFars: “Last weekend i was invited to a graffiti festival in Yambol / Bulgaria. This fest used to be on the walls of abandoned building in Yambol 3 years ago. One of the pieces , which is of a friend of mine was half buffed, that’s why i made it like a colouring book for children. I added also numbers and colour chart of the original used colours if someone wants to repair it. The original piece was by Goat.”


"Contrast" by Elian  at festival Bien Urbain in Besançon, France.

Vanitas by Truly Design at Lausanne Polytechnique school.

Beautiful green geometric piece from Vine by the water.

Nerone & Epis - Big pigeons

image2 big domestic pigeons by Nerone & Epis. [Bègles-France]

A mural called “Laziness” (first work from "The Seven Deadly Sins" serie) by Sergiy Radkevich aka Teck at Katowice Street art festival 2014.
[Photos: Adam Mikosh]

ACCENTS - Minimalistic interventions by Autone1, located mostly in abandoned spaces. The aim is to strengthen and mark up the existing composition of the wall/building/area, to show its original beauty. A simple rectangle makes the whole wall an art piece.

Dancing BadBoys - Krik - Billboard

Today’s photos: Krik billboard in Poland + Late + Henes + Goddog + ES-Tkac…

Lastplak crew and friends

New walls from Lastplak crew and friends: Bue the Warrior, Resto, Multi Syndicate crew.


A few graffiti pieces from Bordeaux: Scan, Youg, Shaka, Youg, Derik

Boris Tellegen aka Delta/INC at Biennale d’art urbain in Charleroi (Belgium). A 10 000kg installation of concrete and metal.

Chaos Reign" by Rems182 from Truly Design.

Street art meets photojournalism in Dysturb collective, Pierre Terdjman and Benjamin Girette’s bid to bring images that often go unseen in the mainstream media to the streets of Paris.

Pierre Terdjman shares many of his colleagues’ frustrations. “Each time I finish a story, it’s the same struggle to get my images published, ” he told TIME, “magazines are rarely interested in showing what’s happening in Egypt, in Georgia, in Afghanistan. Sometimes they’ll publish one or two images, but that’s it. So, everything started from a very selfish idea. I wanted to show my photographs. I wanted to inform people, show them what I’d seen.” Dysturb’s founders are focussed on expanding their operations to other cities in France and Europe. [source]

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