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Ready2Rumbl lives and works in Rotterdam. Here is a selection of his walls.

White trash vs Black trash

A few experiments from Vlady in NYC + Jaix dog + LeoDco & Alma.

Love bridge - WTF by the WA The Wa in Wien The Wa in Wien The Wa - Braille - Pays Basque The Wa - Braille - Pays Basque The Wa - Correction The Wa - Correction The Wa - Correction The Wa I hate my life & love this world

Here is a selection of last year works from The WA. You can also check his site.

Monsieur Poulet + Links

- Monsieur Poulet long distance collaboration with Mikko Umi.
- Sixe interview in Lima.
- Nuria Mora installation in Murcia.
- Broken line by Bordalo II. (Spraypaint on train tracks)
- Old photos of Miss Van painting in Toulouse.
- Video report about Suso33 on

Astek - Netherland

A few photos from Astek [NL].

The streetsons by Lain + Links

- “The streetsons" by Lain [2013]
- Blancbec from Bruxelles has a new website.
- Sticker magazine: Klebstoff #6 is available with a tribute to Turbo by the HDA crew.
- Seize happywalker interview [video] [fr]

Marto in Ouagadoudou

Today’s photos: Marto in Burkina Faso + CT in abandoned places + Quik (!) and ZonenKinder in Paris + Nerone-LeCoktail + Arnarchist Elfo & Claw + Seikon.

Memorials for Ukrainian heroes and martyrs

TECK from Lviv painted 3 beautiful memorials for Ukrainian heroes and martyrs of their current revolution.

SER - Deluxe Drill

Black and white pieces from SER [greece].

Teophilus Tuhatkauno

4 pieces by Teophilus Tuhatkauno from Finland.

- Lints in Tel Aviv-Israel. [video above]
- 2 links in french: Une courte interview de Mode2 qui un peu maladroitement s’en prend aux street-artistes qui ont réussi à s’affranchir des lettrages, alors qu’on l’a tous admiré pour ses personnages et qu’il a bâti sa carrière dessus + un tumblr de graffiti prétendument sous l’emprise de l’alcool.

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