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- Quick Kenor interview at
- 40 JOURS: A house before it’s renovation becomes a playground in Biarrtiz ft. LX.ONE, Remi/Rough… [video]
- Miss Van, Boris Hoppek and Rimon in Barcelona [video]
- Akay, 108, Erosie & Otecki interviews [video]
- Pixadores on
- Housing Benefit in Paris underground by Farewell [video]
- Original app by Space Invader (iOS)

Pallo from Finland

11 new pieces from Pallo [Finland].

Abstract geometry from Yourun

Yourun from Siberia + Gato wholecar in Barcelona + Gec + “Comic Sans to fight graffiti” by Fra-Biancoshock

Simer - Fire extinguisher in warehouse

Simek from Greece with a fire-extinguisher + a big warehose from Chu in Buenos Aires + Sobeckis & Super Timor + Reyes msk + Dais & Sek2 at Roskilde festival.

Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico) + Stinkfish (Colombia) were at  Rio Loco Music Festival in Toulouse. They painted on 5x3m photos that Stinkfish took last year in the Colombian island of Providence in the Caribean sea.


Classy new pieces from Dikson + Kef in London + Lazor selfie on freight.


Graphic Surgery in Besançon University for Bien Urbain 2014.

Calmets skullheads

Calmets skullheads in Poitiers & La Rochelle.

Photos of Mister Freeze – Nite & Day in Toulouse on Zooloose ft. Miss Van, Tilt, ++>, Pro176, Gris1…

Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014 Momo - Bien Urbain 2014

Perfect colors, shapes  and composition. Momo hypnotic walls in Bien urbain festival are just perfect to me. I could dive in it and drowned myself.
[Photos: Laure Saint Hillier & David Demougeot]

SRGER - Sevilla

Today’s photos: Abstract work from Srger in Sevilla + Swiz & Philippe Baudelocque in Bordeaux + Mygalo + Elfo.

Monochrome / Light and shadow“ by Elian in Gdynia, Poland, for Traffic Design Festival. Photos by Alka Murat.

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