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Dais from Denmark.

E1000 in Burgos for Tribu Festival.

Walter Josef F., better known as OZ  was on Thursday evening painting on the railways between Hamburg-Hauptbahnhof and Berliner Tor. He has been hit by a train. The corpse has been found  by the police with severe head injuries. He was 64 years old.
OZ started painting in Hamburg streets in 1977. Its spirals, tags and smileys have been painted absolutely everywhere in Hamburg. He had been convicted several times and he had spent more than 8 years in jail for graffiti.
Credit photos: Txmx 2


Stop to say / Start to do it" by Fra Biancoshock in Ljubljana - Slovenia.

0331c - Russia Moscow ROCK'S 0331c - Russia Moscow ROCK'S 0331c - Russia Moscow ROCK'S 0331c - Russia Moscow ROCK'S 0331c - Russia Moscow ROCK'S 0331c - Russia Moscow ROCK'S 0331c - Russia Moscow ROCK'S 0331c - Russia Moscow ROCK'S 0331c - Russia Moscow ROCK'S 0331c - Russia Moscow ROCK'S

0331C: “Dipping into the street game of graffiti and street art I turned to the roots of this game - to the prehistoric methods of drawing. And this helped me to gain an insight into graffiti. Graffiti which were created thousands years ago are extant and full of energy and wisdom of their creators.
In my opinion the target of every graffiti artist is to leave his mark on a place. And this “barbaric” desire is essential now days.
Otherwise contemporary methods and surfaces used for graffiti prevent the immortalization of the drawings.
Graffiti, as well as the whole contemporary life, is very rapid: the drawings fade, they are painted out and buffed, the building ruins are demolished unlike stones and mountains with graffiti which root back to the prehistoric times and extant.
In the context of contemporary world it’s a common knowledge that graffiti is very ephemeral. And this opinion is quite the opposite to what prehistoric graffiti used to be.
Millimetre by millimetre the desired lines are made and sparks flying upwards awake the prehistoric wishes and desire to curve graffiti.
Graffiti is timeless.”

HENDRIK ECB BEIKIRCH Interview + Book preview

Can you present yourself? What initially brought you to graffiti? And when did you make the transition to painting portraits?
Hendrik ecb Beikirch, traveling the world. Currently living and working in Koblenz, Germany.
I started in 1989 with classical graffiti, but within a short while changed to more of a unique approach.
Back then my concepts where more focused on graphical shapes whereas nowadays the ideas of my work have more of a fine art approach focusing on textures, showing expression within my portraits through a more painterly means rather than just using spray.

Who are the people you paint?
In both my large-scale murals and canvases, I want to paint people whose faces tell a story; therefore I take inspiration from accidental and brief encounters.
Taking life back to the streets. Real expressions, faces with stories to tell.
Digital media has changed the way we see beauty anyway. Most faces we see printed in public like on billboards or ads appear unnatural.

Are your faces always related to the place where you paint them?
The faces are not always related to the place where they are painted.
The portrait has to fit the wall and vice versa, this is a lot about that first feeling.
From a distance, I hope it reads as photo-realistic perfection, yet somewhat unreal due to the drips and abstract textures.
My goal is one should relate so much to the painting from afar, that once he/she stands close, it becomes vague and abstract again.

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Monster one - Ukraine

Latest walls by Monster One from Ukraine.

RUFO: Rudimentary Unidentified Frictional Object by El Tono in Moscow.
I’m always impressed and pleasantly surprised by the always original and new ways El Tono founds to mix street & gallery works.

Spring 2014 photo selection

Every new season I do a selection of some of my favorite photos posted on ekosystem. I had forgotten to post a Spring 2014 photo selection. Better late than never, here it is !

Fresh Max from Austria

Recent pieces from Fresh Max and friends in Austria.

toaster wall england toaster wall england toaster wall england

Looong wall from Toaster in Norwich, England.

Above - WALL \ THERAPY Mural in Rochester, NY

Some of the latest paintings by Above: his mural at WALL \ THERAPY in Rochester, NY + some shutters in London. Above painted 46 shutters in 48 hours !

Le bus by Paul Kirchner

Le bus by Paul Kichner.

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