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The infamous Nude Race at the Roskilde Festival by Huskmitnavn. 130 meters long, 52 characters and 1000 meters of outline.

Keith Haring, CT, videos & links

- The story behind Keith Haring’s Crack is Wack.
- CT interview.
- The Krah new website.
- Videos: Dreyk The Pirate & Lints In Athens + Off the Rails (film animation) (via) + video portrait of Fuzi-UV-TPK.

Raek - England

Latest pieces from Raek [England].

Tec on Sao Paulo main avenue

Today’s photos: Tec in Sao Paulo on Sao Paulo main avenue (painted during Brazil vs Germany Football match at the world cup) + new pieces from Grems in Biarritz, Sabek mural, Yellow/65ers…

Opiemme at Monumental Art Festival in Gdansk/Poland.

Zosen, Gualicho & Opiemme at Monumental Art Festival in Gdansk/Poland.

Steve Locatelli

New walls from Steve Locatelli + Ser & Simoni + Achilles anamorphic portrait.

aske aske mural aske

Photos & video of the The Modern Thinker by Dmitri Aske in Mannheim, Germany

- Kenor anamorphosis [video above]
- Video documentary about OX and his billboards on Arte [fr+ger]
- Rencontre avec Monsieur Chat sur le Mouv’ radio [french audio]
- John “Crash” Matos interview [video - eng+fr]
- RCF1 about In situ Festival [video - fr]
- Lush: Patrick Swayze Graff Game [video]
- Another video of a bedroom in a subway system. This time in Vienna/Austria.
- Ripo has a new website.
- Graffiti documentary on Radio 4.

Above shutters in Berlin for Urban Nation.

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