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ElEuro - EctoPlasma life

A few new pieces from ElEuro. [Piemonte-Italy]

TECK memorials

New splendid paintings from TECK in Ukraine in memory of recent martyrs.

aborted train panels + links

- Photo selection of aborted train pieces on Almost Finished #1.
- Drone painting experiments: An Interview with Katsu.
- New pastings from Monsieur Poulet.
- Gato from Barcelona has a website.
- CT from Milano has a webdomain.
- Photos of Mark Jenkins: Terrible Horrible in Koln.
- Legz -the spaghettist- interview [fr].
- JR le comble de la démagogie pour les Inrocks [fr]. Avec des morceaux de commentaires intéressants dedans.

"Don’t even think" project by Dos jotas in NYC.

Art Armada in Madagascar ft. Jace, Bo130 & Microbo, Aryz, Boogie, Kid, Cart1, Psyckoze and Seth.

The Gummy Gue

New Italian trains from the Gummy Gue.

Mighty Bers - South-West England

A selection of pieces by mighty Bers from South-West England.

Goro - Poland

Here are last few month Goro [Poland] pieces.

FLIX from Venezuela

Latest pieces from FLIX/Venezuela.

live - leave - leaves

"live - leave - leaves" by Fra-Biancoshock + Mr Penfold & Numskull in Vienna/Austria.

wais freight detroit wais mural moscow wais mural moscow wais1 - hongkong wais1 wais freight detroit

WAIS from Saint-Petersburg, who is as comfortable on walls, freight wagons or large murals.

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